I am pleased to announce my campaign for re-election as the Councilmember for Oakland District 3.

While I gave this race everything in me, I am keenly aware that this is a collective victory: God’s grace plus the contributions of hundreds of volunteers, donors and supporters.

I am so grateful for each of you who donated, called or visited voters, stood at Bus and BART stations at insane hours, prayed for or encouraged me along the way. Whether you were with me from the start – or decided to join after we met at an event, coffee shop or nail salon – YOU really did build this!  And, at every stage of the campaign, I worked hard to match your commitment, enthusiasm and investment.

And, while it took every single one of you to make this victory possible, I must acknowledge a few people without whose support this race would not have started: Pastor Zachary Carey and my True Vine Ministries family (You are God’s love personified); Len Canty, Ronnie Turner, and Merlin Edwards (your early belief and guidance made me a believer); my fantastic consultants, Tom and Bonnie of CliffordMoss (I am so blessed to have you in my corner. Your care and brilliance are astounding); Brigitte Cook, my very first campaign volunteer – a true believer & friend (what would we do without you!); my dedicated, o’mazing &  gifted campaign manager, Casey Farmer (you were clearly our secret weapon);  and, my son Victor and darling husband Clarence who agreed to take on this adventure and whose unfailing love has carried me though life’s most pressing challenges.  I love and cherish you all.

Oakland is truly an amazing place.  And this was truly an amazing and historic race.  We had an unprecedented number of citizens step forward to serve. I want to acknowledge all of the candidates who brought their love and unique perspectives to the electorate – especially the impressive field of candidates that accompanied me in the D3 race. We all set out to disrupt the status quo.  We did. I have learned much from each of you and appreciate you for all that you’ve done and will do to make our city better.


Thank you,